Philosophy and Process

At MacArthur Design our goal is to create spaces of lasting quality and that are truly loved. We never adhere to fashion or trends. Our work is never driven by ego and we strongly believe in collaborative solutions. To this end, we see design as fully inclusive process between client, contractors and consultants.

The process starts with an exploration of how clients wish to experience their environment. This is realized through a combination of tools such as image boards, site visits as well as the iterative process of drawing, modeling (3d or physical scale models) and dialogue.

This collection of images and ideas are then filtered through the rigour of technique and practice: How can the vision be turned into a sustainable design – ecologically, aesthetically, financially, and in terms of best practice principals of building science.

Construction documents are then produced which accurately document the important elements for the execution of the project; the drawings are carefully crafted and reviewed before release.

Close interaction on-site with the construction team is a hallmark of MacArthur Design’s practice; we believe that best projects result from an engaged and communicative team!